Starwood Credit Card

Upon learning about the Starwood Credit Card there are many people who have come to simply love this card very quickly. Every time cardholders use their Starwood Credit Card for purchases they are gaining points into the Starwood Hotel’s Preferred Guest program. When you are ready to redeem any or all of your points, you will find that there are so many possibilities for ways that you can redeem your points. Some of the ways you may redeem your points include free hotel nights and frequent flier miles. Yes, there are many other types of cards on the market for these types of things. However, the points on the Starwood Credit Card really outweigh the power or miles collected on this and many other card promotions.

The Starwood Credit Card is really a card that helps you to realize that what seems to be little will add up to being a whole lot very quickly. Every point and mile gained at the time seems small. But whenever you continue making your everyday purchases and travel needs with the Starwood Credit Card, you will begin to have some really significant savings to come your way. To redeem for a free night in the Starwood hotels all you would need is 2,000 points and that's on the weekends. More expensive hotels come at around 35,000 points per night in the more luxurious ones. 10,000 points or less should be good enough to get you a free night at a still very decent Starwood property. They also offer no blackout dates for being able to redeem your points and book your hotel stay with Starwood. 

While staying on the Starwood property, every dollar spent using your Starwood Credit Card will get your four points. If you happen to be one of the bigger spenders who can spend $30,000 using your Starwood Credit Card you will get an upgrade to the Gold level in the Starwood Preferred Guest system. If you are fortunate to reach the Gold status, you will be then gaining 5 points for each dollar that is spent using your Starwood Credit Card. We have actually only really mentioned just two of the redemption rewards for the Starwood Credit Card. Those two were the free nights and the miles transfers. There are at least a dozen of other rewards that can be redeemed as rewards actually. You could get rewarded with merchandise, contribute earning to a charity, or even direct bookings of airline tickets. Among most people who have come to love the Starwood Credit Card, they are usually in love the firs two options we have mentioned here.

It seems that the creators of the Starwood Credit Card have done an exceptional job at making sure that everyone is in love with the parts of the program that they actually promote the hardest. Sometimes, there are cards that promote certain features that just don't happen to be the reasons why people actually love the product. With the Starwood Credit Card however, everyone seems to love it for all of the same reasons that were intended by the creators.